Kent Kammermeyer

Wildlife Consultant
Certified Wildlife Biologist

Professional Biography
Kent Kammermeyer graduated with a B.S. degree in wildlife management from University of Connecticut in 1972 and received an M.S. in wildlife biology from University of Georgia in 1975. Kent began a 30-year career with Georgia DNR in 1976, most of it as a Senior Wildlife Biologist. He was designated a Certified Wildlife Biologist in 1979. He compiled, analyzed and modeled deer harvest data for 59 WMAs in Georgia. For over 25 years, he was Chairman of the State Deer Committee. Kent has published over 50 scientific articles and over 350 popular articles mostly on deer. In 2000, he received the Southeastern Director’s “Wildlife Biologist of the Year” award, being the first ever recipient from Georgia. In 2005, he was awarded the “Deer Management Career Achievement Award” for Outstanding Contributions to White-tailed Deer Management in the Southeastern U.S. He is Senior Editor and major author of the 2006 Quality Food Plots book published by QDMA. In 2010, he published his second book entitled Deer & Turkey Management Beyond Food Plots. He is currently a wildlife consultant with over 50 clients in the Southeast. He resides in Clermont, GA with his wife Freda and daughter Vanda.


  • Author and editor of two new books: Quality Food Plots and Deer & Turkey Management Beyond Food Plots; Your guide to forest management, oaks, fruits, minerals, predators and more
  • Over 50 consulting clients in the Southeastern U.S. References available
  • 2005 recipient of Deer Management Career Achievement Award from Southeastern Section of the Wildlife Society
  • 2000 Southeastern Association Fish & Wildlife Agencies Conference "Best Game Paper" Award
  • Certified Wildlife Biologist since 1979
  • Published over 300 articles mostly on deer and deer food plants
  • 2000 Southeastern Director's Wildlife Biologist of the Year Award
  • Over 35 years experience with deer and deer management including over 29 years as biologist with Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division
  • Former manager/supervisor of wildlife food plots on Wildlife Management Areas in Northeastern Georgia

Six of the eight recipients of the SE Deer Committee of the Wildlife Society Deer Management Career Achievement Award: (left to right) Dr. Dave Guynn, Dr. Larry Marchinton, Kent Kammermeyer, Dr. Charles DeYoung, Dr. Harry Jacobson, Joe Hamilton. Missing are Dr. Bob Downing and Dr. Richard Harlow (deceased).